Albums Crafted With The Spirit of College Radio
Albums Crafted With The Spirit of College Radio


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College Radio Day Records

Eric Dolan
Director of College Radio Day Records


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Our Unique Mission

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We are a record label made up of college students: DJs and Music Directors from all over the United States who have united for one distinct passion: To capture and share the beauty and power of music college radio helps break.


Please check out our latest effort, College Radio Day The Album Volume 2 for a listening experience quite unlike any other: Crafted and meticulously selected by a soundboard of college radio DJs across the nation seeking to create a patchwork of the absolute best music college radio has to offer.


Nowhere else will you find such a complete treasure trove of unreleased works from your favorite artists, coupled immediately with the greatest college radio live sessions of the past year featuring bands you most likely have never, ever heard of.


But that’s not even the best part…


Every single penny we make off this album will be placed DIRECTLY into the College Radio Fund, accessible by any and all participating stations for necessary improvements and technological advancements.


We seek to further the art, bravery, and creativity of music exposed and endorsed by college radio while also returning all profits to the very stations that make our album possible. We believe in the power of college radio, and consider this album to be our yearly love letter to the incredible bands and fearless stations that create college radio every single day.


Explore the site, check out the new album, and LONG LIVE COLLEGE RADIO."


Eric Dolan


College Radio Day Records

A music label run by students, creating records crafted with the spirit of college radio

College Radio Day Records was created in 2012 as an exciting and unprecedented way to raise funds for college radio stations. Proceeds from the sale of the annual CRD albums will go directly to a NEW non-profit fund for college and high school radio stations called the College Radio Fund (launching on College Radio Day, October 1, 2013.).

The label is almost entirely run by the students themselves
– who (through the Sound Board) vote and select the music to be on the album as well as the artwork and other design aspects. This is an album by college radio, for college radio and also the world!

We firmly believe that college radio is a medium that plays music that you won't hear anywhere else - certainly not commercial radio. College radio is still an important place that gives musicians their first break. College radio is important to many communities throughout the USA and this record labels hopes to shine a spotlight on the many talented artists out there that deserve greater exposure and larger audiences.

All proceeds from the sales of our albums go straight back to the college radio stations. Imagine that - a record label by college radio, for college radio (and YOU of course)!

Long live college radio!

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