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Calling All Artists: Top 5 Submission Guidelines for College Radio Day Records


In the competitive world of music, gaining exposure and reaching new audiences can be a daunting task for independent musicians, bands, and artists. However, College Radio Day Records offers a unique opportunity for emerging talents to showcase their music. This article will guide you through the top 5 submission guidelines for College Radio Day Records, helping you understand the process and increase your chances of being featured on their albums. In addition to the submission guidelines, it's important for independent musicians to equip themselves with valuable resources. If you're in need of assistance with writing a book review, you can explore options like "write a book review for me" services provided by platforms like These services offer guidance and support to help you craft a compelling book review.

Overview of College Radio Day Records

Before diving into the submission guidelines, let's take a moment to understand the significance of College Radio Day Records. Established with the mission to support college radio stations, this platform provides a valuable avenue for artists to gain exposure. By submitting your music, you not only reach college radio stations but also larger audiences who appreciate unique and independent sounds.

Submission Guideline 1: Music Genre and Style

Understanding the preferred music genres and styles of College Radio Day Records is crucial for a successful submission. The label curates albums that resonate with their target audience, so aligning your music with their preferences increases the likelihood of being selected. College Radio Day Records embraces a diverse range of genres, including alternative rock, indie pop, electronic, hip-hop, and more. Take the time to explore their previous albums to gain insights into the styles they appreciate.

Submission Guideline 2: Formatting and Packaging

When submitting your music, pay close attention to formatting and packaging. Follow the specific requirements set by College Radio Day Records, such as preferred file formats, audio quality, and detailed track information. Remember that first impressions matter, so ensure your music is presented professionally. Invest in eye-catching album artwork and comprehensive metadata to make your submission stand out from the crowd.

Submission Guideline 3: Submission Process and Timeline

Understanding the step-by-step submission process is key to ensuring your music reaches College Radio Day Records successfully. Familiarize yourself with the official website and locate the designated submission page. Follow the instructions carefully, providing all the necessary information and files. It's crucial to adhere to any specific deadlines or timelines outlined by the label. Meeting these deadlines demonstrates your professionalism and commitment.

Submission Guideline 4: Artist Biography and Press Kit

Crafting a compelling artist biography and preparing a well-curated press kit significantly enhances your submission. Your artist biography should provide background information, notable achievements, and influences that shape your musical journey. Additionally, a press kit should include high-quality press photos, reviews, and any previous media coverage you have received. These elements help College Radio Day Records understand your story and the potential impact of your music.

Submission Guideline 5: Follow-Up and Communication

Once you've submitted your music, don't forget about the importance of follow-up and communication. After a reasonable period, you can politely inquire about the status of your submission. Send a brief and friendly inquiry, expressing your continued interest and appreciation for the opportunity. Remember to maintain professionalism and respect boundaries. Stay engaged and connected with College Radio Day Records through their website and social media channels for any updates or announcements.


In conclusion, submitting your music to College Radio Day Records can open doors to new opportunities and audiences. By adhering to the top 5 submission guidelines outlined in this article, you increase your chances of being selected for inclusion on their albums. Remember to align your music with their preferred genres and styles, present it professionally, and communicate effectively. The potential impact on your career as an artist is significant.

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