Albums Crafted With The Spirit of College Radio
Albums Crafted With The Spirit of College Radio


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The College Radio Day Album (Vol. 2) Released: 11.12.13

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"This album is a love letter to college radio, a rare and fleeting glimpse into the magic of a college radio session coupled with unreleased and untamed tracks by established artists who stand with college radio's creativity, bravery, and fearlessness." - Eric Dolan, Director of College Radio Day Records.

Released everywhere on November 12, 2013, the College Radio Day Album (Vol. 2) is a worthy succesor to last year's album.


All the tracks on the double album are picked by students from college radio stations around the nation. On the first disc are known artists that publically stand with college radio. On this year's album are Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Passenger (only on the physical disc), RNDM, Jukebox the Ghost, Lucius, Matt Pond, The Front Bottoms, Charlie Peacock, StumbleCol and many more artists.

The second disc of the album houses artists that are typically unsigned but are captured playing college radio sessions in college radio stations around the country. Artists such as Apache 5, Crisscross Albatross, Charlie Patton’s War, The Soft Pack have all been selected for the album for the brilliance and vibrancy of their live college radio performances.


All the proceeds from the album go to the College Radio Fund. This fund is to help radio stations that don't have much funding to keep going with things they need like equipment, paying licensing costs, etc. They will essentially be able to write a request for funds from the CRF to help them out.


Every single track on this album is previously unreleased and has been donated to raise funds for college radio.


Track listing:


1. Wilco – “Art of Almost (Live)”
2. Passenger – “Let Her Go (Acoustic Live at College Radio)” ONLY ON CD VERSION

3. San Cisco – “Fred Astaire (Live)”

4. Buffalo Rodeo – “The Map”
5. Charlie Peacock – “Death Trap”

6. My Morning Jacket – “Circuital (Live)”

7. Billy Harvey – “World Is On Fire”

8. Feli Fame – “Save Me From Myself (Interlude)”

9. Killed The Fixtion – “Dead Man March”

10. Lucius – “How Loud Your Heart Gets (Live)”

11. Nicole Atkins – “The Stranger”

12. RNDM – “The Disappearing Ones (Live)”
13. Rob Friedman – “Kiss Divine”

14. StumbleCol (StumbleCollective) – “Love, Love, Love”


1. The Breakfast Machine – “Getz" (UTA Radio at University of Texas at Arlington)

2. Charlie Patton’s War – “Say Ya Mine” (WIUX Radio, Indiana University)

3. Apache 5 – “Sound of The Gun” (UTA Radio at University of Texas at Arlington)

4. Matt Pond  - “Love To Get Used” (WICB Radio, Ithaca College)

5. Bow Thayer – “Buffalo Joe” (WSCS Radio, Colby-Sawyer College)

6. Jukebox The Ghost – “Somebody” (WICB Radio, Ithaca College)
7. Jesse Hanson (feat. Sol & Kiel) – “Everything in Between” (WSCS Radio, Colby-Sawyer College)

8. The Soft Pack – “They Say" (KXLU Radio, Loyola Marymount University)
9. Crisscross Albatross - "Sandcastle Kings" (WIXQ Radio, Millersville University)

10. The Front Bottoms - "Au Revoir" (WPSC, William Paterson University)

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