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Your gums help support and protect your teeth and their health is essential for overall oral wellness. Not only do your gums stabilize your teeth they also protect the tooth’s root structure from becoming exposed or damaged. Keeping your gums clean through oral hygiene and six-month dental checkups can help you avoid the development of… Read More

As the weather begins to warm up many of our patients get back to their active outdoor lifestyles and family BBQs. And unfortunately, for many of our patients, that means sugary sports drinks and soda beverages. Sugary drinks are at every warm weather event and some drinks are more sugar-laden then you would expect. Chapel… Read More

Guess what today is? That is right, National Dentist Day! Today we celebrate dentists everywhere for keeping our smiles bright, healthy and beautiful. Thank you Dr. James Furgurson, Dr. Nathan White and Dr. David Hoyle for keeping Chapel Hill, NC smiling bright! Dr. Furgurson and our entire dental care team wants you to celebrate National… Read More

Are you looking for a discreet way to straighten your crooked teeth? Invisalign clear braces is a clear and effective way to realign your teeth and bite. Invisalign is a great way for teens and adults to straighten their teeth. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners, so you can continue to feel confident in your social… Read More

Do not let missing teeth hold you back from enjoying life and sharing your smile. Missing teeth are far more than a cosmetic concern and should be addressed as soon as possible by Dr. James Furgurson. Our Chapel Hill, NC dentist office offers state of the art dental technology for quality dental restorations and tooth… Read More

You hear it all the time, “Visit the dentist twice a year!”. But so many patients still do not. Chapel Hill dentist Dr. James Furgurson wants you to know the importance of preventive dental care that includes regular visits to the dentist office. Benefits of Preventative Dental Care Fewer Cavities, Less Pain- Brushing and flossing… Read More

Teeth whitening is a quick way to achieve a brighter younger looking smile. Yellowed and discolored teeth are a common dental cosmetic concern that we treat at our Chapel Hill dentist office. A safe, effective and routine cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening can offer patients an enhanced, beautiful smile. Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Over the… Read More

Halloween brings on an excess of sugary treats which can deteriorate both overall and oral health. It’s hard to resist those sweets all month long- and everyone wants to enjoy the holiday. So, set realistic goals- enjoy a few treats but practice moderation. Make a plan ahead of the big candy foraging day for what… Read More

Tooth decay and cavities affect most patients at some point in their lives. Children and adults are equally susceptible to decay, which is the result of harmful bacteria making their way into the crevices in our teeth, filled by sugars that are left on tooth surfaces after consuming foods and beverages containing sugar. Chapel Hill,… Read More

nha khoa thẩm mỹ không chỉ đề nghị cho làm cho hơn một nụ cười, nhưng cũng có thể phục vụ một vai trò quan trọng trong việc giúp đỡ để duy trì một nụ cười khỏe mạnh. Khi có tuổi, cấu trúc răng bị yếu đi và có thể gây ra răng của chúng… Read More

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